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What are Anti-Lock Brakes?

The monitor that controlls the speed is sensored. Before any of the wheels lock up it needs to experience or sence a fast deceleration. If you dont get that checked the wheels will stop even faster. The anti lock system is operated and the way you will feel a pulsing would be in the brake pedal. Which that accures because from the fastness of the opening and closing of the valves. They also use different systems. It all also depends on the type of brake is in use for the vehicle.

On all four of the wheels there is a speed sensor and even a seperate valve for all four wheels. This system also really works and allows you to be able to stop better. It prevents the wheels from locking up and help you stop on slippery surfaces in the streets. They also really do prevent in accidents. This system is known to decrease the chances of accidents because without ABS you can't stop as fast as you wish anywher and everywhere.















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