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What is a Cylinder?

A cylinder is a chamber in which how a piston of a reciprocating engine moves and works. The chamber of a pump from which the fluid is being expelled by a piston. It helps hold the revolver and which that holds the cartridges of the car. Any of the several rotating parts in a printing press.

Basically the cylinder when you press the brake pedal it allows it to push on the primary piston through the linkage. All of the little pressure builds up in the cylinder and they line as the brake pedal if farther. If the circuit leaks, then thats because of the primary and secondary cylinders are lost. Which this makes the primary cylinder to be able to get in connection with the secondary cylinder. When that accures that allows the master cylinder to react as if its on its own with its own piston. Basically the cylinder just allows and helps the pedals to get smoother and in better condition with there own pistons.















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