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What is a Torque?

Torque is the measurement of a force applied to produce motion in the foot poundations. This works by the force and the distance from the pivot oint to the point where the force needs are applied. Torque is something that produces the rotation and is measured by the products. The force and the distance are the actions of the force into a moment of force.

Torque is what reacts to produce a rotation. It measures the rotating part. Including the gears and shafts. Its also the turning effect produced by the force reactions applied to the axis. Basically its a force that tends to cause any kind of rotations. Also produces a motion either twisting type or rotating. However to be able to exert the rear wheel. Basically a car with plenty of torque can speed up faster at any low terms and rpms. It basically cause and object to have motion init. But it is handled by the engine. It pulls any power.















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